Sunday, May 1, 2011


Heading south for a weekend getaway? For a good meal outside of P-town, but still in Oregon's borders, Smithfields Restaurant and Bar is big-city food, in small-town Ashland. Some friends and I first discovered this amazing "meat-centric" restaurant during its soft opening period in February. Dinner was recommended by friends of a friend, and the whole experience, from wine pairings to hanging out with the owners after dinner, did not fail!

Chef Neil Clooney knows his stuff, after studying culinary in England, working on one of the world's most elaborate cruise ships, spending time as an executive chef in San Diego, and working to help open the now-closed but once very popular Dragonfly restaurant in Ashland.

We started off with this wonderful charcuterie plate, loaded with delicious cured meats, pâté, pickled veggies, artisan cheeses, and crisp bread.

I dined on Steelhead salmon, perfectly grilled and beautifully presented, with house-made bacon strips as accompaniment.

My co-diners had amazing dishes as well... all beautifully plated...

A lovely meal, followed by a lovely dessert...

...and a super fun night out dancing in Ashland with some of my best friends!

Next time you're exploring Southern Oregon, I would recommend Smithfields Restaurant and Bar over any restaurant in the area. I can't wait to go back to eat next time I'm in town!


Smithfields is located at 36 South 2nd Street in Ashland, Oregon
Open 5pm-9pm Tuesday through Sunday
Reservations recommended